Super Cissus is the brand name of the drug Cissus Quadrangularis used by the bodybuilders and the power lifter for its ability to increase their stamina and to increase the lean muscle mass and weight loss. It is used by the others for treating the menstrual abnormalities, erectile dysfunction and many other diseases. It is used in the traditional treatment methods of many African and Asian cultures for a long period of time. The drug uses has been observed in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It was even mentioned by Tim Ferriss in his book called 4 Hour Body as one of the best fat loss supplements. It has been generally safe for most of the people.


It is used for the following benefits

  • It decreases the damage caused by the radical oxidation by improving the immune system.
  • Enhancing the cardiovascular health thereby decreasing the chances of various heart or circulatory diseases.
  • Encouraging bodily detoxification by stimulation of the lymphatic system and boosting the function of the liver.
  • Inflammation in the intestines can be treated for reduction.
  • It can be used for treating the sexual problems like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and poor endurance level.
  • It is also used to increase sexual desire.
  • It has analgesic properties and used for reducing the time period required for the healing of fracture.
  • It can prevent or slow down the development of osteoporosis and is used improve bone thickness.
  • It decreases the joint pain by stimulating the synthesis of collagen
  • It also seems to have anti-oxidant effect and liver protection properties.


  • In clinical trials it should be strictly taken ,at least 30 minutes before eating otherwise it will block the absorption of carbohydrates and fats.
  • It can safety used only for 8 weeks.
  • This drug can react with anti-diabetes medicine to reduce the blood glucose levels. It could also interact with other drugs like Pycnogenol, Alpha lipoic acid, Chromium, Panax ginseng, Siberian ginseng and other with hypoglycaemic effect to reduce blood sugar level.
  • The research is still going on; hence there are not so not many data available on this drug.
  • When taken it shows muscle relaxant effect, hence not recommended to take before the workout.


It may cause side effects if used inappropriately. In case the drug is not used properly then may lead to adverse reactions. It is important we buy a legitimate drug not the fake ones available in the market. You should check with a physician to know if you are fit and healthy enough to use the drug before using it and also to know the amount of dosage suitable for you per day. You cannot compromise your health by using the steroid without necessary precaution.

Over dosage

If the drug is misused or taken in overdosage it may cause

  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Headache

And some other mild side effects which can cause you great discomfort.