Regular car servicing is an essential part of responsible vehicle ownership. But when it is time to bring your car in for servicing, choosing a garage can pose a few challenges. There is often a feeling of hesitancy especially if it is your first time dealing with a particular garage.

A vehicle is a valuable possession, and anyone would want to look for a garage that can provide the best service and care possible. In this regard, you often have the option of selecting from a main dealer, a national company, or an independent local garage like Windmill Garage in Horndean. This article highlights the benefits of choosing an independent local garage for your next vehicle servicing.

Local garages have an excellent reputation 

Local garages that have been around for a long time must be doing business the right way. With a host of patrons continuously coming through the doors, the staff at local garages are usually friendlier and more accommodating. Since local garages are typically smaller than national dealerships, you can take advantage of a more personalised approach to service.

A local garage has experience and expertise 

Some local garages in your area provide speciality services for certain car brands and models. In other instances, a local garage can also offer services such as MOT testing. If you are in need of such services, it will be faster and more convenient to go to a local garage.

A local garage is more convenient 

If your car needs extensive work, you can only imagine the inconvenience of being without a car for days or weeks. A local garage is usually near where you live and will be easier to reach when you are following up on the status of the work being done on your vehicle. Local garages are also more likely to accommodate you faster than a national dealership.

A local garage can be cheaper 

A national dealership can be more expensive than a local garage. Local garages do not have quotas to meet and generally have a more relaxed approach to business. Nevertheless, the cost of servicing your car is still subjective and is on a case to case basis. While it is possible that you can save on the hourly rate by going to a local garage, it is still worth looking into the cost of buying replacement parts.


Many people often think that going to a national dealership is better because you have access to the latest facilities and direct from manufacturer parts. However, there are many factors involved in choosing the right garage to service your car apart from the facilities.

Many local garages today also provide competitive services and excellent facilities similar to national dealerships. Before dismissing a local garage for your upcoming car service, you might want to consider researching the services provided in a local garage near you so that you can compare the cost and quality of services they provide. It also helps if you ask for recommendations from trusted individuals in your area to convince you that a local garage is worth supporting.