Shoe making is labor intensive and time-consuming job and happens in many steps. There is no shortcut to making the shoes. Earlier, the different parts were stitched together, but now there are machines available to cement the parts together which has made the work a little easy and have increased the efficiency at the same time.

There are steps in which the whole process of shoe making takes place:

  • The raw materials are shipped to the main site, and the design is cut out of a particular shape and size.
  • The upper, the innersole, the core of the sole, the outer sole will have shapes cut out.
  • The upper is made by stitching the parts that form the upper and holes of laces are punched.
  • The insole is next attached to the upper by stitching so that it perfectly fits over that. Stiffening agents are added as well.
  • This upper is then given the perfect shape of a shoe using a machine called last.
  • Last is a mold of the shape of the shoe. The mold is different for a different shoe of a different size.
  • Edging is done to make some parts of the material thinner than other parts.
  • Cement is added between the inner sole and the upper using a nozzle, and the machine presses them together.
  • The outer sole and the core of the sole are bonded
  • This then goes to get attached to the upper prepared above. They are cemented together so that they are bonded together when the cement cools.
  • The heel is attached to the shoe if your design has it.
  • The top and bottom being attached now, the extra cement is removed, and the shoe is inspected.
  • The logo of the company is added while preparing the upper.

The shoes are prepared by almost the same method by all the companies. However, some may have a better machine than the other. However advance the technology gets, it is still not an industry from where labor work can be eliminated and made completely automatic. This will, however, make the shoe making process easier and faster.

Knowing that how shoes are made, you can think of buying a pair for you. The most trending and fashionable are sneakers for men. They come in various shapes, sizes and designs, so the mold for all of them will be different however the process has the same steps. The sneakers may also have a different material for different design, and so the additives for binding the parts together may also vary a little.

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